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Richard Walker , (Dick) was an angler from Hertfordshire who is widely acknowledged as one of the best anglers this country has produced ...   See All



The river Great Ouse flows through the twin villages of Offord Darcy and Offord Cluny from South to North and two of its Watermills were recorded in the Doomsday book of 1086 .

The last Mill closed in 1965 and has now been conv...   See All

Fits mention - Special Meeting of Trustee  May 5 1953 Mr H Storey raised the question of the Offord and Buckden Fishing Society placing a notice board...  See All...

Dick Walker ...

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Take A Friend Fishing” (TAFF) is a campaign where UK anglers are encouraged to take a person out who they feel would benefit from a day’s fishing.


Remember when a friend or family member took you fishing when you were young or just starting out?  We bet everyone has experienced a memorable session or two like that – sharing the bank with someone else is always more fun! – And with the Take a Friend Fishing campaign, there is the chance to take someone for FREE.   If you make their day an enjoyable one, you should have another person to go fishing with for life and better still, allow your friends to see the enjoyment you get from Britain’s largest outdoor participated pastime.


Proud supporters off TAFF