Match Rules

  1. Match fishing competitors are subject to the general OBAS rules
  2. The draw for all matches is to take place at the OBAS Car Park, Station Road, Offord Cluny; Postcode PE19 5RX.
  3. On having drawn a competitor may proceed to his peg and fix his tackle but must not bait the swim or attach any bait to the line until the signal to start is given. Plumbing the depth of water is allowed
  4. Competitors must fish from a position within two metres either side of the peg and must not move the peg. Wading is permitted to NFA rules
  5. No raking to be done except to clear a swim of weeds or other obstructions
  6. A competitor must not allow his float or end tackle to travel beyond the next downstream peg
  7. No match will take place unless there are 3 or more competitors
  8. A competitor must hook, play and land his own fish
  9. A fish landed within 15 minutes of the cease fishing signal shall count if it is hooked before the signal is given
  10. Competitors must fish the swim drawn and shall have no excuse for moving to or fishing any other swim unless the stewards decide the swim drawn is totally unfishable and another swim is allocated
  11. Any competitor leaving his peg before his catch is weighed may be disqualified. Those appointed as stewards are exempt for the purpose of weighing and recording or if called away by another competitor during the progress of the match
  12. Competitors must provide themselves with keepnets complying with Environment Agency byelaws and rules. They must endeavour to keep alive all fish caught, which immediately after weighing must be taken to the water and carefully returned. If a competitor catches an exceptional specimen the stewards may assist if deemed necessary to prevent damage to any fish
  13. Pike and Zander will not be weighed in any match but of course will be when caught in a Predatory Fish match