There are two car parks:

The Main Car Park, which is off Station Lane, Offord Cluny, and used by anglers fishing the Car Park Pool, The Top Stream, The Triangle, The Mill Stream, The Black Overfalls Weir Pool, New Cut, and D and E Sections

C Section Car Park, which is accessed via Buckden Marina, and used by anglers fishing A, B, and C Sections.

The Main Car Park

Parking in the Main Car Park

Note: The car park entrance has a height restriction of 6′ 4″ ( 1.9 metres).

The barrier on the entrance to the main car park is locked by combination padlock to prevent unauthorised entry. OBAS members can find the combination required to open this barrier on page 14 of their members handbook;
non-members will be provided with the combination when they buy a day ticket, which can be purchased on-line. Buy a day ticket.

To avoid disappointment, non-members should purchase a day ticket before setting out for the fishery. Anyone having difficulty buying a day ticket on-line should contact Howard, the Membership Secretary, on 07824569111.

Our Bailiffs regularly patrol our waters, and will require members to present their membership book, and
non-members their day ticket, or proof of purchase of a day ticket on their phone.

Directions to the Main Car Park:

The Main Car Park entrance is off Station Lane, Offord Cluny; Postcode PE19 5RX

From Offord:Turn into Station Lane, cross the level crossing and the white river bridge, and continue towards
the Old Flour Mill. The entrance to our car park is on the left before you reach the second bridge and the old Mill

From Buckden: From the High Street turn into Church Street, which becomes Mill Road; continue along Mill Road. As you see the Marina on your left, the road bends right, becomes Station Lane, and narrows as it crosses the bridge. It is now a single-track road with two-way traffic so look out for oncoming vehicles. Follow the road as it goes left then right past the Old Flour Mill, then left again – the entrance to our car park is on the right before the white river bridge.

C Section Car Park

Parking in C Section Car Park

Access is via Buckden Marina, Mill Rd, Buckden, Postcode PE19 5BH.
On entering the marina, turn left, drive through the open barrier then follow the road. You pass through a residential area so drive carefully past the lodges, observing the 10 mph speed limit. The road ends with a turning circle a few metres from the river. You have arrived at C Section. The river entrance to Buckden Marina is upstream, to your right, and marks the end of the C Section, B and A sections are downstream, to your left.

The track on the left runs the length of C Section providing access to parking close to the swims. Shortly after turning into this track, just before the disabled swims, there is a padlocked chain barrier, the combination for which members can find in their handbook.

Note; this track can become rutted and there is a possibility of cars bogging down in the mud after heavy rain.

Directions to Buckden Marina:

From Offord: Turn into Station Lane, cross the level crossing and the white river bridge. Continue past the OBAS main car park towards the Old Flour Mill where the road bends to the right and narrows to single track; beware of oncoming vehicles. Follow the road left past the Old Flour Mill and right over the bridge over the Mill Stream. The entrance to Buckden Marina is on the right just after the left-hand bend.

From Buckden: From Buckden roundabout enter the High Street, turn right at the Lion Hotel into Church Street, which becomes Mill Road. Continue along Mill Road turning left into the Marina just before the road bends right towards the bridge and the Old Flour Mill.